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Overview of certifiable areas

Currently, the following certifications can be applied for at any time; suggestions or requests for further certifications of specific or special qualifications are accepted at any time. In these cases, the EUROPEAN CERTIFICATION COUNCIL will check the feasibility and practicability; however, this may take some time, as coordination with specialist organisations or appropriately qualified groups of people in the intended certification segment may have to be carried out.

Certifiable areas according to ISO 17024

Building expert value
Building expert value A-001 Expert for the valuation of land & standard properties A-002 Expert for the valuation of special and specialised properties A-003 Expert for rents & leases A-004 Expert for mortgage lending value appraisals
Building expert damage
Building expert damage B-001 Expert for damage to buildings B-002 Expert for concrete/reinforced concrete construction B-003 Expert for the roofing trade B-004 Expert for the screed laying trade B-005 Expert for the tile, slab and mosaic laying trade
B-006 Expert for the painting/painting trade (including facade insulation) B-007 Expert for the bricklaying trade B-008 Expert for the carpentry trade B-009 Expert for fire protection B-010 Expert for electrical installations B-011 Expert for moisture & mould damage B-012 Expert for heating & sanitation B-013 Expert for sound & heat insulation B-014 Expert for dry construction B-015 Expert for the glazier trade
Technical experts
Technical experts C-021 Expert for the automotive industry - classic C-022 Expert for wind turbines & rotor blades C-023 Expert for the automotive industry - electric vehicles (cars & buses) C-024 Expert for on- & offshore flight operations (all aircraft) and helidecks C-025 Expert for paint damage in the automotive industry
Service provider
Service provider D-031 Real estate agent D-032 Insurance broker D-033 Car hire D-034 Facility Manager D-035 Translator
D-036 FAIT - IT specialist assistants for hardware, software & web administration
Medical experts & healthcare professions
Medical experts & healthcare professions G-041 Carer according to ยง 43b, 53c SGB XI G-042 Legal carer (professional carer) G-043 Guardian ad litem G-044 Estate administrator G-051 - Medical experts for occupational accidents and diseases

EU Academy

In principle, preparatory education and training for the certifications is not mandatory. In principle, you are also free to choose where and in what form you complete training and further education.</p

However, you should be aware that there are quite a few dubious providers on the seminar market who will lure you in with one-day or one-week courses, claiming that they can train you to become an expert in 3 months or less.

We have a clear recommendation so that you can subsequently fulfil the high requirements for the ISO 17024 test, the EU-AKADEMIE ARBEIT & SOZIALES.

Inform yourself comprehensively and you will understand our recommendation.


Product & service certifications in accordance with ISO 9001-2015:

Product & service certifications in accordance with ISO 9001-2015 are regularly defined and specified on request only.

Please address certification enquiries directly to the management.

Confirmation of the SOCIAL RESPONSABILITY guideline in accordance with ISO 26000:

The European Certification Council examines and evaluates voluntary commitments to apply the ISO 26000 guidelines.

Please send your application for a CONFIRMATION OF CONFESSION directly to the management.