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Public Declaration

Public statement according to ISO 17024 requirements

The European Certification Council, in accordance with the requirements for certification organizations and persons working for them, as required by ISO standard 17024, declares the following:

  • The signing director/managing director (Chief Executing Officer) declares, as chief executive of the certification organization, that
  • the certification organization as a whole carries out certifications independently and neutrally in every respect and exclusively according to the rules and criteria laid down in normative documents and in the examination regulations.
  • the certification organization obliges all persons involved in the certification process to behave independently and neutrally and exclusively in accordance with the rules and criteria laid down in normative documents and the examination regulations.
  • the certification organization requests a written declaration from all the persons described above.

The certification authority will

  • Act impartially towards all applicants, candidates and certified persons.
  • Only apply certification policies and procedures that are fair to all applicants, candidates and certified individuals.
  • do not use procedures that unfairly hinder applicants and candidates or deny them access, provided that the general requirements of the examination regulations are met.
  • be vigilant at all times to avoid jeopardizing independence and impartiality; should such a risk become possible in exceptional cases, it will do everything possible to ensure independence and impartiality.
  • in particular, attesting to all auditors the absolute independence of in all auditing and assessment matters, also that auditors are not subject to instructions from the management of in any auditing and assessment matters.
  • structure, guide and direct the certification activities of, which is documented in the QM manual, among other things. The HONORARY COUNCIL, staffed with experts, serves to ensure compliance with the structures, impartiality and independence.

The director/managing director has overall responsibility for the organization and compliance with the rules in close coordination with the board of directors, here with the chairmen of the normative and innovation council as well as the certification and examination committee.

The recognition/approval of training courses by the certification organization in no way jeopardizes the impartiality of; the assessment and certification requirements are the same for all candidates. Upon request, the certification body makes information about education and training available to educational institutions so that this can be used as a prerequisite for being able to be certified.

All other requirements for conformity assessment organizations are met, documented and controlled, among other things, by the Honorary Council as the de facto supervisory board. Further details are specified in the QM manual.

Aachen/Berlin in January 2017

The Director